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Simply Sprinkler

We Simply Repair Sprinklers. 281-691-1222

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Every repair is different so it is impossible to give a quote for repairs before inspecting a system. Every job will be charged for a Service Call, which includes the detailed inspection of all zones on the system.

Maintenance Program

In addition to will-call repair service, we also offer an annual Maintenance Program, which includes two (2) seasonal tune-ups. During these visits, we will perform a detailed check of your entire system, make any minor adjustments (such as spray patterns), and reprogram your controller based on the time of year. Making seasonal controller adjustments promotes water conservation and will help lower water bills dramatically.

Maintenance Program customers also receive an 8% discount on any additional work required, as well as priority service over will-call repair customers.

Maintenance programs are scheduled and priced as follows:

Spring Visit Mar 1st - May 31st

Fall Visit Oct 1st - Dec 31st

Up to 6 zones $115.00 per year

Each Additional Zone $10.00 per year

Phone # 281-691-1222

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